It’s A Season of Firsts!

Much that happens here is so seasonal that it’s possible that each day presents a first for the season. It’s also been added to by the two year disruption caused by the pandemic. So many of the things that I notice for the first time are firsts of perception too. And as I age I realize that given a short term memory with a somewhat lessened “half life” that I am soon to see many more (perceived) firsts.

Todays multiple firsts were positive – so they will be fun to relay to you all. When I get up in the afternoon I always water my garden and do some trimming on the bonsai. This involves a lot of scrutinization too. I look for pests and or pest related damage as well as new growth and assess how everything is doing to create plans to maximize growth and well being. I was surprised and delighted to see what a few warm nights had done.

Look at that blushing beauty!

Yes that is the first ripe tomato from what I hope will be many. I have found that I can generally get a good crop of medium sized tomatoes from Early Girl plants and many many cherry tomatoes from sweet 100s. My green beans a blooming and setting fruit in great abundance too. Last year I planted parthenocarpic zucchini and got a good number of them but not as many as my norm. The previous two years I got only a few zooks due to poor conditions when they were getting pollinated. Hence the move to the self pollinating variety. This year I am back to the normal zooks that have separate sexed flowers requiring pollination. I have noticed that the tips of the male flowers wither and close before noon. Theorizing that this may be inhibiting the pollinators I have been experimentally clipping the upper section of the male blooms off to re-expose the anthers. We’ll see how it goes.

Semi herbaceous Japanese peony

The second first – the first time my Japanese peony has bloomed! And what a show it has given. Up to this point it has been a peony bush. Now it has justified the care that I have lavished on it over the past several years.

This has also been an outstanding year for the rugosas!

Great fragrance on a still day

The third first was a not so spectacular but a harbinger of spectacular things in the offing. The first of my unpatented daylily blooms.

small but a real trooper

The next first is a good one – I walked into the laundry to start a load of wash and low and behold the LAUNDRY TUB WAS EMPTY! Hosannah and hallaylya! There was a washed load yet in the washer to be hung (if it were a man in there he would have to be hanged) so I joyfully put it out on the line!

The next first is that this is the first night in about a week that there was almost no hatch of mayflies! The fish are starting to be much easier to catch now! I’ve also noted that there were no vagrant black flies and we’re in for a string of nice days.

Everybody is out fishing – just one of the new rental boats on the dock.

The last first – Janet and I are going out fishing with leeches in deeper water today. Leeches always start working well after the mayfly hatch recedes.

I walked into the living room here at camp and it was a scene of mayhem! Bodies strewn everywhere – the carnage horrific! It makes me think of Father Guido Sarducci’s find the popes in the pizza contest!

So here we are – find and name the stuffed toys on the carpet contest. The entries will be judged arbitrarily and extra points for witty entries. The prize will be a free selection from “Jack’s big pile of fishing poles”.

A veritable cornucopia of fishing ecstasy!

Well it’s time to go fishing – seeya.

3 thoughts on “It’s A Season of Firsts!

  1. Wow, your peony finally bloomed! Your patience and care paid off, it is beautiful!

    Glad to hear that the mayflies are done, waiting to see some good fish pictures!

  2. So many things about this post that I love. First, the following sentence:

    “When I get up in the afternoon I always water my garden and do some trimming on the bonsai.”

    What a beautiful thing to be such a well-rounded and productive human being, and to happily endorse that it’s fine to start one’s day in the afternoon. Second, your appreciation and awareness of the natural world is always inspiring. And third, your writing continues to be such a joy to read, and I love how you weave seamlessly between topics such as the natural world around you, and memory and aging. Delightful!. . .

    As for my go at a fishing pole, I see six objects on the floor: a flannel shirt or pair of boxer shorts partially stuffed under the couch, four stuffed toys for Kevin, and an actual dead rat. Of the four stuffed toys there is a baby Yoda, one of the yellow dogs from the famous children’s book “Go, Dog, Go!” dressed as an elf, a monkey modeled in the style of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, and finally there is a stuffed white and pink Axolotl, which Jack fawned over at one of his tropical fish conventions, and spared no expense in purchasing for his beloved Kevin. . .

    • You’re the only person that describes slothful indolence as a positive virtue! LOL Your entry is duly noted and is definitely in the running!

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