First of the Season

Things have been a little hectic here. Mostly due to communications issues. You see we don’t have cell coverage so must rely on landline phone services and satellite internet. We arrived after a long nights drive to no phone service and the starlink dish was AFO. After powering it up – it would only connect for 56 seconds! Ok no internet! No phone! Janet drives to Gowganda to get online and try to figure the starlink problem out. Starlink has no real-time service! So a problem that could be resolved in 10 minutes on the phone or live chat stretched into weeks. I am too pissed off about to go into it in detail. But we now have sat internet. But the land line telephone is down now for about 4 weeks! Janet does all the ordering of fuels, lumber etc. via the phone so this has really handicapped us and is driving Janet around the bend.

We need your help.

Please call this number to complain that Sportsmen’s Camp phone is not working and you need to get through for business purposes. NorthernTelephone – 1-800-360-8555

Ok that nonsense is taken care of. The dragon flies hatched on the 31st of May! Thus it has not been a bad blackfly season. We’re now into summer and we are looking at a longish stretch of great sunny weather. There are just a few blackfly stragglers but the mosquitos, deer flies and horse flies are picking up the slack. Its still very comfortable to sit at the beach for happy hours though.

Kevin drinking at the beach.

Both docks are set and the water temps are about 76 to 78F and rising. Our guests in cabin 3 have been doing quite well fishing – last three days have netted a 34″ pike, 30.5″ walleye and a string of really nice jumbo perch. The pike and walleye still reside in the lake, the perch swam in hot oil last I checked.

yes the right dock is still with us.

The growing season has been pretty good for almost all of my plants. My wild rose is having a bad time but that seems to be it. My tomatoes and bonsai are all doing well, as well as the lupine. Last year the lupine bloom was off badly and I though I might have to apply some draconian measures to reset but those plans have been put on hold.

They must have sensed the bad performance review.
Bart’s irises at the beach.

I’ve had an allergic reaction to the pine pollen this year and am battling the symptoms of a nasty cold. But I have located some allergy medicine and that is helping a lot. However I am drowsy on it and I’m not getting things done.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another gorgeous day and I think I’ll put out the shoal markers and cast some hardware around. I’ve already caught several fish of the right dock. Janet is the first fish queen again this year with a small pike when we were out on a cruise on the abomination.

Take care and don’t forget to call Northern Telephone to complain about the lack of service.

8 thoughts on “First of the Season

  1. How great to hear early camp news, even though it sounds like it has been trying. It warmed my heart to see the chairs looking out onto the lake, with Kevin having a drink. The right dock looks in fine form, and the lupine are spectacular. We will do the calling as you requested.

  2. Glad to see that you are back on line, it has been almost a year since your last post!

    A 30+ inch walleye! That is the biggest that I have heard of on Firth. Can’t wait to get up there to do some fishing. There will be a full moon when I am up there, have to do some midnight walleye fishing. The lupines look great, Maybe they just needed to take a year off.

    Do your cell phones support WIFI calling? Is that an option for you until the landline is fixed?

    It will be 3 years since I was last there, only 6-1/2 weeks to go…

    • I was just looking up google voice, etc. Great minds and all that. I am going to work on that angle and also, I have looked into VOIP but I won’t be able to port the number so that is a downside.

  3. Thanks for the pix. I hope your guests revealed the location of the jumbo perch. I’ll bid 10 premium cigars for that tip.

    Sent from my iPad


  4. BTW, the lake temps are between 66 and 68 degrees F. I went in yesterday when it was near 90 here and I only made it to my waist. Brrr

    • Those water temps sound more like it… Better check Jack’s glasses, or maybe his allergy meds “makesh me dopey” 😉

  5. Yay! Good to see you back online. Sorry to hear it has been such a hassle!

    I have good news and bad news – first the bad news … I won’t be coming to camp this fall. I’ve been trying *for many months* to line up contractor to do some work for me, and now that I have an estimate they tell me “late July or early August” start.

    But the good news is that now that you have internet, I’m ready to set up a Camp Zoom. For July. Check your email for details and lets get something scheduled!

  6. I called to complain, but customer service was closed! So I’ll call tomorrow and complain about the customer service while giving them an earful that I can’t reach you with urgent business (they don’t need to know that the urgent business is an inquiry into the horseshoe pits current state of repair). 30.5″ Walleye – that’s a minimum 10 lb-er. Is that the Firth Lake record? The Lupins look sublime.

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