On the Tail of a Rainy Morning

It was a cool and rainy morning, giving us a gentle dose of needed moisture. It also makes for a darker morning than normal just the way Val hates it before the generator starts. It is also the possible harbinger of a fun day if the rain keeps falling. A day of games and comradery and perhaps some drinking. Kevin and I had a truncated morning routine as we had to do no watering and trimming. So we had a leisurely breakfast and I read for about an hour before it was time to start the generator. Kevin decided to go sack out with the Evil One and I had to roust him to help start the camp. He grumbled. But his tail wagged as we went out the door, with visions of menacing guests and bunnies dancing in his head.

The rain had stopped and there was a burgeoning brightness behind the clouds – like a fantastic aurora behind a light cloud bank. Something I’ve seen several times this summer. I decided to take my camera and make a blog out of the morning startup.

Nice ferns eh?

So I look over the lodge and turn to look over the new days day lilies.

Not yet peak but pretty impressive.

Kevin was already down the lane as I gazed at the lilies and was impatient to get things moving. So we proceeded to the generator house and started up. As the engine warms up, without load, we walk down to the pumphouse to burp the pressure tank (adjusting the pressure bubble in the tank).

down by the pumphouse

As I burp the pressure tank Kevin generally walks around the beach looking for trouble or takes a dip if it’s a hot day. Today I look over to the north west to see what immediate weather is in the offing. Oddly it appears to be clearing. Then I check the beach to see what Kevin is up to.

Kevin surveys his domain

Kevin does no swimming on this day and there are no likely victims to be menaced (drat!) I check out the growth on my red maples after the the beaver did some draconian pruning last fall and see if we’ve gotten enough rain to do any puddling in front of #10.

anti-beaver mesh on the one maple that wasn’t “beaver pruned”

The trees have recovered nicely and the rain appears to have completely soaked in. I get a whiff from the fish house and resolve to clear the fish cleanings today. I also step back to admire the load of gravel we put on the drive this spring.

Its beautiful pink gravel

I’m happy with the way the gravel holding up. After some discussion Kevin and I determine that we should check the lake temp and look over the rental boat on the dock for rain water. The lake temperature is 72F and the boat only has a small amount of rain water in it. Kevin and I will go for a boat ride later and run it out. We also stop and check the second coat of paint we put on the bottom of the red wooden boat. Looks very good and we look over the Nittany Express for its bottom painting. Then we continue our loop of the camp. Our unhurried walk around camp is just about the right time necessary for the diesel to warm up.

going up the “hill” to Villa Colombi

Bobo Baxter’s Bungalow

the view from the hill

We clear the hill after checking out the view and make the turn to the lodge. We always pause around Joan’s to check out the new blooms and Kevin looks for bunnies.

the menarda is looking great!

The sun is breaking through about now and we have to move on as the diesel is probably sufficiently warmed up to bring online. But the sun detains us at the lodge as it shines on the day lilies making them glow!

really spectacular.

After a quick picture and looksee we go down and turn on the power then walk down to the pumphouse to start the pump. We’ll soon have to shut off the gravity water tank after fulling. We then have to roust the Evil One and weather the daily storm of invective.

That’s the beginning of me and Kevin’s day.

Is this heaven? No – its just my idea of it.


1 thought on “On the Tail of a Rainy Morning

  1. Jack, it a real tonic to stroll virtually around camp with you and Kevin. Every shot was wonderful and quickens my already peaking excitement about setting off for camp a week from today. Then I will be able to take an actual stroll around camp.

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