Where the HELL is everybody???

Where indeed. Who’d a thought that the boarder would be closed for two summers? Don’t be alarmed. I don’t have any inside information but it’s that with the variants and the lack of any verifiable vax documentation that things are going to be slow. It seems at this point that the PM has stated that the boarder may open in midAugust at the earliest.

Its a rainy day here as you might have guessed. So its spitting much needed rain as I pound out drivel on the lap top. I just hope that the rain lessens somewhat so I can easily up-load the post. We need the rain badly and it seems to be gently laying it down. But it has been deceptive – the stream of water going down to the beach was larger that some trout streams I have fished! As Kevin and I were bringing the camp on-line we noticed that the boats at the dock were very close to being sunk by the rain! So as the water system purged and the diesel warmed, me and Kevin bailed the boat. It took quite a while as the rain would gain on me if I slowed. I repaired a hole in the firebrick lining of the pizza oven earlier in the week. I shaped a new piece of firebrick and put it in place with refractory mortar. It cured for a few days and I fired the oven yesterday to set it into place. After the night’s cooling the repair still looked good,

I promised (like a dumbass) in the last posting to put up some pics so it’s your lucky day!

When we arrived we were amazed at the hay fields in camp. The grass was high and ready to be bailed. Here’s a shot of the field in front of 7 down in the common area.

The picnic tables give a good idea of the grass height! As we walked down to the beach we encountered a surly old fat guy. He told us it was about time we got here and to get to work.

what the hell!

And so we did. The Evil One was unleashed on the hay riding her Grim Reaper.

I retrieved the newer dock and put it into position and Mike gave me a hand pushing the old dock into the lake and I jockeyed it into position on a later date in preparation for setting it up. Here’s Kevin checking out the ducks at the floating west dock.

Small golden eyes out in the lake above the bow of the boat.

I think Kevin smells them but he definitely doesn’t see them!

Kevin likes the grass being cut as it’s much easier to spot the snowshoe hares so he can point at them, rudely stare, and standoffishly approach them until the retreat out of boredom.

.Mike came over on a beauty of a day and we set the docks. The water was nice so there was no issue with jumping into the drink to clear any rocks or retrieve a dropped tool. everything went smoothly with the help.

It’s nice to see both docks setup. A harbinger of normalcy. (I Hope) The lake is smooth and mirrorlike in this shot and we’ve been getting a lot of days like this thus far in July.

I leave you with a shot of the wide beach. Its a great place to watch the sun set especially having a Gin and Tonic with friends.

Boy its great to be home! I just hope my friends can join me.

2 thoughts on “Where the HELL is everybody???

  1. Where the hell is JACK…

    The border is open, there have been people in camp, fishing is good, but NO POSTS!! What is going on Jack? Are you okay? Is your new internet working? Is it so busy at camp that you don’t have time?

    Come-on man…

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