This Just In…

During a Camp Zoom Meeting last Friday, Sportsmen’s Camp had a concert on the beach just like Woodstock! Except that there were very few attendees and there was only one headliner artist and that it wasn’t on a farm in New York and that the weather was beautiful and that there were numerous sighting’s of wildlife and well … on second though it maybe shouldn’t be compared to Woodstock. It probably had nothing in common with Woodstock at all but I digress.

The concert will be posted on Facebook this coming Tuesday at 7 PM. “The Evil One” will also host it on the Sportsmen’s Camp Facebook page. It should be viewable after the posting at any time. I will be fabulous and I can state categorically that Baby Shark wasn’t played.

Be there or be square!

2 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. Just finished watching the concert video! Maria and I sat on the back porch with it playing on the bluetooth speaker. Drinking wine (Maria) and gin & tonics (me), and Maria even made Andy’s chili cheese dip!

    Great song selection! Maria sang along with almost every song. Neighbors probably thought we were nuts! And we loved seeing the sunset in the background!

    Thanks for making our evening, it was almost as good as being there at the beach!

    P.S. Maria says that if she ever gets up there when he is singing, she wants to be a back up singer!

    • Unfortunately we were unable to attend as the zoom meeting was going on. Can you imagine the goings on behind Brian as he played -LOL. And Brian I am sure would love background singers!

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