Lately It Occurs To Me…

What a long strange trip its been!

Yes dear reader we are here at Sportsmen’s Camp. We are open and poised for the crush of business clamoring to stampede into camp overcrowding our facilities. But alas its like a small brown bat flying in massive circles in a well lighted Beaver Stadium.

But there is an upside – I am getting things done and minor improvements that no one will notice. Cool!

So the weather has been ideal. The dragon fly hatch was very successful and the subsequent hot sunny weather provided optimum flight time and appetite. Its a good thing dragon flies don’t have a 7 foot wingspan or we’d be in the menu! The grass when we arrived was suitable for baling and our work was cut out for us there. Everything else looked pretty good. The lake is at nominal levels and temperatures after a spate of low 80’s!

So lets get into some pictures.


Here’s what we saw as we pulled into camp.


Kevin is happy to be back but not impressed with the grass!


The lawn chairs cavorting gleefully at the beach! I thing something unseemly is going on with those two in the foreground!


Ach! Byler get the scythes we got some hay’in todoo!


This is an after shot. Courtesy Janet and Lyle Beckett. Get this – Lyle and RuthAnn’s son Tim has a Husqvarna dealership! (Hearing this is one of the few times I regret not having kids!) Tim gave Lyle a brand new gas weed whip with all the goodies! Lyle has has been busy cleaning up the high grass in camp all week!


My day lilies have just begun to bloom and its going to be a very big year! My 3 year old lilies that I personally hybridized (Ying also participated in some biological artistry one afternoon) are going to bloom this year and I wait on baited breath considering the fabulous results of my crosses! Another exiting (Janet may differ on this) daylily development is that a plant in my two year old class of hybrids is setting buds to bloom! This sort of precociousness is a high quality…..


Some of Joan’s fabulous Asiatic lilies.


My garden, even with the late start, is burgeoning. The Early Girl tomatoes are on track to produce a bushel of the best tasting tomatoes on earth. They get bat guano swept off the patio from under the bat houses only feet away. Perhaps I should move the houses over the garden or vis versa…..


Not to put tooooo fine a point on it or milk it too badly… but — I have at last retrieved my collection of bonsai from their winter quarters in the ostrich fern copse. They fared the winter quite well under the tender care of the ostrich ferns. They didn’t get a lot of light late in the spring but they didn’t dry out and expire either! Here a a couple of this years favorites – feel free to Yay! of Meh! them Andrew.


Eastern white cedar training to be a coastal redwood simile.


Local alder is surprisingly good bonsai material. This choice specimen is only about 7 years old but shows the character and grace of an ancient apple tree in an abandoned Appalachian orchard planted by Johnny Appleseed. Some time its helps to squint your eyes to a blur too.


And here it is the one that everyone has been waiting for….. Meh!

We had a long zoom meeting last eve with most of the Baxter Poczik Colombi clan and had a great time. And there was a Sportsmen’s Camp live aid concert recorded on the beach. Watch for streaming times posted on The Evil One’s facebook page.

Is this heaven? Yeah it has to be…. cause no one is here….but why am I here…Dammit yeah its heaven don’t over-think it.

1 thought on “Lately It Occurs To Me…

  1. Great posting and great Zoom call last night. I don’t think you can fully understand what a great gift your narrative and photos are to those of us who love and miss being at camp. To borrow from the Jewish people – Next year at Sportsmen’s Camp!


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