Bugging Out

Its tough leaving when you are enjoying everyday and see more things to get done every day. Then you get a miserable cold day and you get to “hunker” down inside watching the drizzle and sleet get blown around the house – stoking the wood burning stove as the mercury rises to shorts temperature! Doggies love going out to take care of business and take a cold run over to the public landing then back soaking up the glorious heat in front of the wood stove. I do pretty much the same thing. The Evil One is able to continue cleaning up her tasks inside but I get delayed. Oh well, my back could use a small respite. I also get to take care of some detail things on the kitchen.

DSC00209 (2)

The facing hasn’t yet been applied to the framing in this picture. It still looks pretty good to me and using it daily reminds us of the good decisions The Evil One made for what might seem as small changes.

The Evil one finally finishes her closing list and decides to take off. Cool! Me an Kevy can hang for a couple days and run wild!


DSC00215 (2)

DSC00210 (2)

It was beautiful and the lake moves right into camp when the docks are away. Then next morning…..DSC00217 (2)YEE GADS! There’s ice on the surface of Bart and Kevin’s favorite drinking source – the mud puddle at the corner of the patio. Time to check the weather forecast! Something evil this way comes Kevin – we gotta bug out tomorrow! We haven’t to this point gotten any appreciable snow but that oversight will be rectified very soon and we have agreed that the event doesn’t have to be witnessed. Besides I have to get home to get my fish  and plants in the house before the Arctic Front hits.

The plan came together quickly and after completing the water shutdown and draining the fluid from the diesel we were ready to roll – at 2 in the afternoon no less! We know in our bones that there is a cold beast just hours behind us but its still hard to get in the car to leave…Do I miss Camp in the winter?   yes*

*That evening 1  1/2 feet of snow showed up.

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