Like A Hibernating Bear…

The kitchen awakens slowly.

Yes – the kitchen is as Darth Sidious said of the Death Star, “Fully operational.”

All the large shelves et cetera are in place and all that remains is to face the “rough in”, fit the cupboard doors and some finish details edging etc. I have been slowed a little. The facing material for the cabinet bones is down in the shop – white Marlite collected from the dump some 10 years ago. But after The Evil One saw wood grain of the luan paneling I skinned the shelving with, a change of plans has occurred. The architect hasn’t signed off on it yet but I am pretty sure this post production change will be instituted. The impediment is if our supplier (the dump) has the necessary materials. The supplier had two sheets of luan last week – so I won’t know until the Sunday dump run (tomorrow) if the Evil One’s dictates can be fulfilled. I await tomorrow’s dump run anxiously.


You can see the lustrous beauty of the luan panel immediately to the left of the window. I had originally proposed that after I faced the framing of the counter cabinets with the Marlite that the Evil One could paint it with the same green as the window frame and the blue drawers would be painted as well. But I do agree with the Evil One that if the framing is faced with the luan the green of the cabinet doors and drawers will be artistically broken up. (We’ve done this complete kitchen remodel without the help of a designer! for under 400$ca!) The features I like best are the new lights above the work surface and stove (the wires will be consolidated and hidden) and the extensive use of bins in all the sub-counter shelving. I have noticed that as I have progressed beyond 60 years that bending over is something I want to minimize. To this end rather than kneeling down and bending into the shelves rummaging around for a specific pot lid or plastic container and lid in dimly lighted crammed condition a solution must be found. My solution is shelves built to plastic bin dimensions. The elderly decrepit user of the kitchen merely opens the cabinet door places their hand on the counter top then with other hand retrieves the bin from the shelf standing up with the help of the hand on the counter placing the bin on the table or counter at standing height with lots of light. The desired item is located and removed and the lid is put back on the bin and it is replaced. And the bin is completely mouse/squirrel proof – not that any of those rodents are in the lodge or camp! I also made the drawer receivers a completely enclosed box so that the drawers are vermin proof when closed. I was going to face the counter top with formica but the cost was pretty bad (~120$ for 4×8 sheet) and no one in the area had any. But as I was looking about I was directed to some snap in place wood grain flooring that was being closed out. (great price) I was cautioned though by the sales person that “that is not a food-grade preparation surface.” LOL That’s hilarious after I stopped laughing I told him that the original top had linoleum on it for 10 plus years! There is something to be said for putting your own kitchen in. I can assure you that none of the doors will have the “soft close” feature LOL. I am just looking for the “close during the seasonal HEAVING” feature!

Closing of the camp has been progressing slowly given the time spent on the kitchen but it is proceeding nonetheless. We’ve had a great string of weather that ended today. Its drizzly and in the 50’sF today (and probably for the next few). But the wonder of the fall in the north has been show cased in the past few days.


The contrast between the yellow of the poplars and birch and the crystalline blue sky is breathtaking!


Here’s a shot of the aspen covered hill north of Firth, pay no attention the unicorn in the foreground – its a mythical beast and that is just an artifact of some dirt on the lens of the camera.

During this past string of good weather we did get some fishing in. Mike and I went trout fishing on Miller creek – catching a couple beauties on a fun day. Mike, Melissa, Cubby, and Griffy as well as me, Kevin and the Evil One had an afternoon of fishing on Lett. The small pike were biting like crazy and made for a lot of fun. Janet and I also caught two really nice bass as well. All told the day was fun and we had what was probably our last fresh fish dinner of the season. YUM! We weren’t going to take Kevin with us but he raised a big fuss about his daddy leaving so I relented (he’s sooooo not spoiled) and he came along. He had a great time menacing the fish we caught and torturing us with his incessant whining!

DSC00152 (2)

This is why she’s the Evil One!

Answering Buss’s comment we didn’t get any expeditions together for big game pike fishing this fall. But in retrospect the way the small pike (~24″) were biting on Lett I should have taken a couple trolls down the center of the lake on either side of the reef in deep water. (No comments about Mike and Melissa seeing a couple “trolls” in the other boat on the lake please)

In closing we don’t want to leave (and judging from all the things on my to do list we never will) but that time is fast approaching.



Adhering to the stricture of ending the blog on a high note with a happy doggy picture here’s Kevin keeping the beach clear of offensive waterfowl and then the two boys sacking out with mama as the wood stove warms the lodge.

I ask myself – what could be better?



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