All good things…

Come to an end. True Yes, but its true of bad things too.

And so it goes with the most horrendous season of blackflies in about 20 years! I called the dragonfly hatch on the 19th. We’ve been having such horrid weather – cold and rainy for so long that the dragon flies had a hard time finding an optimum day to hatch. An optimum day for the hatch should be warm and not very windy with lots of sun. Its all so that the nymphs coming out of the lake emerge from the nymph case, pump up their wings and then harden in the sun quickly. They need to minimize their time hatching on the shore to avoid ground predators. Its also imperative that they are warm enough to bring their massive wing muscles to operating temperature so they can fly quickly and acrobatically to avoid midair predators and most of all begin ravenously eating. The day met all the criteria save for the optimum temperature – so the hatch rate was slow but still significant. As we got a string of nice days the hatch built and gained momentum. It wasn’t a classic “mass hatch” event. They probably lost a higher percentage of individuals during the hatch as a result – but there is still a shit load of the wonderous eating machines on the wing now. It is now possible to wear shorts and a tee shirt from morning to about 2:00. At the rate the dragonflies are working they should mop up the black fly population in a few more nice days. Cue the “Happy days are here again” music!!

On a more zany note I was in the dollar store in New Liskeard and saw one of those battery operated tennis racket bug zappers…it occurred to me – stop complaining about the fucking mosquitos and make them entertaining! What an absolute delight! When I got it home I put the batteries in it and pressed the energizing button – wwwzzhhhhh (think turning on a light saber). What an utter feeling of power! I was immediately transformed from a mosquito food source to Darth Jackus the darkside scourge of the winged gallinippers! Vszhhhhhh – vszhhhhh — the sweet scent of ozone and burnt mosquito carcasses – It smelled more like victory than “Napalm in the morning”! Unfortunately they don’t come with a belt scabbard so I had Janet get me a couple more on her next run to town. I now have quick access to a light saber almost anywhere in the lodge. But I was foolhardy – drunk on the unlimited power of a new powerful darksider – I put myself in a tenuous position. When I went into the interior bush of the camp to turn some valves I was waylaid by millions of the buggers intent on one goal – draining all of my middichlorine essence!!! I was safe as long as I was en garde with my light saber slicing through hoards of my victims. But I saw the handwriting on the wall – even as I killed them by the hundreds more were arriving and they were building for an onslaught that would overwhelm me! In near panic I resolved that I would quickly close the valve and back out of the bush with two hands on the hilt of my saber dispatching hundreds more as I retreat. My plan was successful but it was a pyrrhic maneuver as I was down about a liter when I got back to safety! Cowed but not broken, after a days recovery Darth Jackus was back at full power!

The docks are set and like an unfinished death star -“Fully operational!” Abomination is presently on the right dock and is also like an unfinished death star!

Yesterday we took Abomination out on its maiden voyage on Firth.


Here we are paused for some fishing North of Elephant rock. Abomination’s open deck format makes for flexible comfortable fishing as well as cruising. The 30 Hp 4 cycle engine runs smooth as silk and really makes it step out.


Abomination also achieved the coveted Kevin seal of approval!

A pattern is emerging of the mix of fish species being caught on Firth. We caught several walleye and only a couple of bass. Granted the summer is yet young and the bass are still bedding but I’ve never caught so many walleye this early.

I was swimming in Firth today for about 40 mins and it was delightful. The lake temperature is hovering around 70F. I was delighted to go swimming to nail in the piling cross pieces. I was comfortable and didn’t wrench my back trying to  hammer in the nails from “topside”. The docks are set early as a direct result of the great help that I got from Mike last week – my eternal thanks are transmitted and declared here.

The Becketts rolled in late last night and Ruthann beat us all to be the first one swimming in the lake this season – sooooo — SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN.

7 thoughts on “All good things…

    • I used a bifurcated treatment approach – I made up the fluid loss by dilution and treated the insect bite pain as well – wait – wait I also proofed myself against malaria – I’ll come in again. Aww shit I drank several vodka tonics. (we’re out of BOMBAY SAPHIRE GIN 1.75L so I had to resort to vitamin V)

  1. Wait… I don’t see any fishing going on in those pictures, I don’t even see any fishing rods!
    Admit it now, that is only a party boat!

    Too bad there won’t be a full moon while we are up there, it would be great for a full moon midnight cruise!

  2. We were in “Stealth Mode” – the fish heard the boisterous behavior and clink of bottles and assumed we were partying THEN POW! We set the hook! The picture was taken whilst we were lulling them into a false sense of security.

  3. As predictable as the return of the dragonflies is the return of my “something terrible has happened to Firth Lake” nightmares. Last night was the first. Firth was as muddy as the Ohio River (think flowing baby shit) and the walleye limit had been lowered to 1. I wake in distress but quickly recognize that I’m just experiencing camp fever.

  4. I was genuinely rapt with interest reading on the optimal hatching conditions for dragonflies, my favorite insect on the planet. Awesome stuff Jack. . .

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