Last Dance…

Last chance for…Fuuuun.

Yes we’ve come to the end of the line for summer. Summer hasn’t realized it yet here though. After almost all the guests have deserted camp, theeeeennnn we get the best weather of the season! Clear warm to hot sunny days without a cloud in the sky! Absolutely wonderful weather! But wait, The Evil One reminds me that it may just be that there are no pain in-the-ass guests in camp and that its just allowing my naturally sunny disposition to shine through. LOL Yeah Right!

Yes dear reader I realize that I have once more deserted you for most of the summer and have obviously abandoned my spring resolution to blog every Sunday. But you have to understand I am weak and easily taken in by schemes to force me to have fun by going fishing and/or drinking – not my fault you see – not on me at all! If you want more blogs you’ll have to come to camp and intercede to prevent my friends from derailing my noble intentions. Yeah – yeah that’s the ticket – noble intentions hmmmmm I wonder what other crap I can float on this vessel of obvious obfuscation. And I have spent vast amounts of time training my pup – Kevin.

This has been a pretty busy summer with dismantling the old left dock and building the new one as well as all the other changes around camp – and the poor summer weather often interfered with getting things done too. But it has been a delightful summer in-spite of it. As I age I have come into some deep wisdom that I will share with you now. As you know we’ve lost our beloved Baxter and have gone through some dark times. Bart was in a very dark place and would barely even get out of bed – so it was imperative to his health and welfare that he get some puppy therapy. Enter crazy Kevin. Training him has been very easy as he is very closely attached to his Daddy. We’ve also lost a young friend that I always enjoyed the pleasure of his company. Brian Ward worked hard, played hard always had a mischievous smile and knowing wink – I miss his presence.   I have come to the realization that the most wondrous and beautiful sight in the world is not the fleetingly subtle smile of a winsome ingénue but the unbridled joy of a young puppy running full bore to come to his daddy when he is called. Another truth is that if you want to have a great fishing trip – don’t worry or dwell on catching fish just go fishing with people you love and enjoy. If you enjoy the company the fish will bite – and if they don’t you’ll still have a fantastic time. Don’t waste your recreational time on any goal other than enjoying your friends and loved ones and having fun- you will never regret it.

The last few weeks here have indeed been beautiful and Bill has been here at camp helping out making closing the camp very easy physically but harder from a psychological standpoint. When Bill and I went out to retrieve the shoal markers we caught fish like crazy! No really large fish but getting a bite on nearly every cast! All bass. Janet was to go out with us but she wasn’t feeling it so she opted out and missed the great time. So given Janet’s non participation Bill and me conspired to get Janet out fishing one last time (Gee we’d get to go too). So after most everything for camp closing was completed The five of us – Bart, Kevin, Janet, Bill and Me went out fishing one last time. The day was sunny and warm (70’sF in Oct!) but there was a stiff southerly. Janet was trepidacious, but we convinced her to go by promising to go slow and fish only in the south end of the lake. We fished only Sawmill (Deadhead) bay and the big Weed-bed Bay. The wind was still whipping up respectable waves even in areas with fetch of only a hundred yards! We only got a few bites and boated two medium size pike and had a fantastic time. Quaffing a few cold brews and laughing our asses off about the events of the summer or the antics of  Kevin in the boat. What a delightful day – no pressure – totally comfortable – totally entertained. I can not imagine being anywhere else and being as happy.

Yet all summers come to an end and this one is no different. The weather is holding and I have all the heavy lifting done with the closing (thanks again to Bill for the invaluable assistance) and all that remains for me is the heartbreak of final closing and driving away. Its about 62F out and drizzling with a little breeze. So me and Kevin went for a walk and cleaned up some small closing tasks. Kevin really enjoyed running around and chasing the squirrels but when we got back to the lodge he was more than ready to run inside and jump onto mommy’s lap. Last night we had a fabulous full moon that rose like a mystical light orange great pumpkin only to later transform into a smiling bright white beacon in the night. I didn’t even have to take a flashlight when I took the boys out to do their business. I always marvel when I look down and see the ultra crisp moonlit outline of my shadow on the drive. Albeit the shadow appears completely distorted – its the shadow of some old fat guy!???? What the hell – Kevin loves his daddy and is going to have new adventures with us for years to come.

I still don’t want to leave – where’s the goddamn snow when you need motivation?

Is this heaven? No, its Sportsmen’s Camp.

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