It’s The Omnibus Blog!

So I am writing a blog to wrap up our time here in the States in preparation for translation to the boreal forest.

Fishing, fishing, fishing – First day of trout season was fun even if the fish were not really cooperating. I only caught three trout and a good group of chubs. LOL I was hampered by having to fish during a constant gab fest! That is to say I was fishing with Pat. You see Pat never talks to the person he is “fishing with” – he endeavors to engage every other fisherman that has the poor sense to cross his path. LOL Questions, questions, questions – mostly number questions that Pat has no intention of remembering or caring what the answer may be. I think if Pats eyesight gets worse I’ll pose mannequins along the stream with sound sensors that blurt out random numbers. It would go like this, “How long have you been fishing today?” – 4. “Catch many fish?” – 5. “You see many caught?” 12. LOL You sorta get the picture. Actually it was great fun but we only got to interrogate the other fishermen for a couple hours as it started thundering and we thought that discretion was the better part of valor and moseyed on home to cocktails with Janet and Carol on the porch. It was a great afternoon capped with steaks on the grill. I am making fun of Pat but I heartily recommend fishing with Pat anytime – you’ll have a great time! But steer clear of “the Blonde Tornado” if she is fishing with him. She demands that all efforts are intended to improve HER fishing experience. I think that Janet should lend her the “It’s All About ME” shirt. And she insists that each of her fish be measured so she can brag. I don’t know how Pat every took off his clothes in front of her….. “Hey there Pat – hmmmm, where’s the Tape Measure????”

I got to fish alone the second day and caught several – keeping I think 3 for our friend Jim. But all the trout I caught were nabbed in the riffles and chutes so they put up very good fights.

The second fishing fun was at The Little Nirvana of Duda’s cabin in Kellettville on the Tionesta in the Majestic Allegheny Mountains. We watched a Pens game as we supped at Cougar Bob’s after arriving. The Materdee was so kind as to seat us with a view of the TV as well as a view of the Moose! The next day it rained but we took some time and I fished about and hour on Queen and caught a nice little native and two riffle sniffing stockers – they all fought like crazy and hit like a ton of bricks.


It also cleared and The Earth Mother lounged on the glider with Moon and Stars Bart.


The rest of our crew soon showed up to multiply the hijinks. Low and behold an Oh Shit game broke out after a few drinks! And Sled and I talked about the state using medical stats to divine epidemiological truth way into the night. Saturday dawns and even Pat and Carol put in an appearance for some Saturday fishing on Salmon Creek.


I don’t think there were many strangers fishing so Pat didn’t get much conversation in. Sloucho and Buss did very well at the confluence of Salmon and the Branch catching at least 4 or 5 each. Pat and I ranging elsewhere were not as successful – I turned 2 nice ones over on the Branch but no bloody cigar.


I can tell you that Sloucho was smoking a cigar! It was still great fun! Laughing and yucking it up with each trout. After the successful time at the stream we adjourned to the cabin for Happy Hours!


The aluminum coffee pot on the table was a stand in for a pitcher – a pitcher containing excellent gin and tonic!  It has quinine yaknow, so we were all proof from malaria transmitting mosquitos. Hey it pays to be prepared for hatches! It may be hard to see but there is a celebrity at the table as well…..


Vaunted baiter of eagles and lynxes… the one the only Chanel!

After supper we booted off to The Fwying Wubblewu for the next Pens game and were delighted with the outcome and were shocked and dismayed when we were flashed by a big pecker over by the ice machine as we left the bar!!!


After the good news of the Pens game regardless of our big pecker experience we decided to adjourn back to the cabin for our nightly self flagellation of oh shit games. I drank enough that I am not sure if the philistines kept me from winning a game or not! But I do know that it was a gas and Mr. Beefeater was again a pivotal player! My stomach ached the next day from laughing!!!

But all good things come to an end and our merry band of drunken fishermen broke up like clock work again on Sunday. What a delightful time was had by all.

Now for unknown and unrelated rider to the Omnibus Blog – Political Action!

Wherein Intrepid souls and scientific political activists converged on Washington DC to overthrow the Government. LOL yeah right! Yet we made our will known by marching in a torrential downpour. My favorite picture of the day was the first one – we arrived early morn and with the rain much of the crowd (numbering more than the Inauguration!) were holding off for a break in the rain.


There it is – the beast looming from the mist! We’re gonna need a bigger crowd! So we marched on to the meeting point at the Washington Monument.


Here’s Bob with his sign as the obelisk pierces the rainy sky.  And march we did with out regard for our personal health and welfare! Up Constitution to the Capital building and our date with destiny!


My sign uses chemistry nomenclature to say “Trump/GOP is in equilibrium with their Lies”  and “Science yields Truth!” But I should present a shot of the other side of Chiara’s cool sign. That’s Andrew in the fore ground.


The March was great but I can see why people don’t do it very often —– but that seems to be changing as bizarre behavior grabs normally low key scientists to ACTION!!!!! I think that this will get bigger and bigger. The march was a fulfillment of civic duty but the time spent with Paolo and Mary and the rest of the clan was the greatest fun and they are the absolute best hosts on earth! Thanks again to our political activist facilitators!

On a sad note as most everyone knows from facebook etc. we’ve lost one of our greatest friends – nay – family members. Baxter. He was buried with more love and abject sorrow by me on the family property than I will be accorded at my demise. He is now resting in the spot he enjoyed sitting surveying his domain and keeping it safe from evil squirrels. Its been very tough for us. But I keep telling myself that three days spent with him far outweighs the sorrow I feel. Besides I am getting on now, crying only a couple times a day.

The next blog will be from Camp! And I am sure everyone is looking forward to a fun and fabulous summer at Sportsmen’s Camp! I know I am!


6 thoughts on “It’s The Omnibus Blog!

  1. Weeee. . .Want The Cup! Weeee. . .Want The Cup! Weeee. . .Want The Cup! Go Penguins! Never forget going to my first Pens game with Uncle Jack, Aunt Jan, and Uncle Sled when I was a grad student at Carnegie Mellon. . .

  2. Get outplayed twice and up 2-0….turning to more important things, I’ve seen nothing about black flies and the pool…..I’ll take June 13 for first dragonflies

  3. Why is no one talking about how poorly Rinne is playing? Game 1 he had about a 65% save percentage then gets chased in game 2. Really! He is a Vezina trophy candidate and the pens have scored 9 goals on ~35 shots.

    My pick for the dragonflies is June 10.

  4. Great point, Jan. And prior to the series all of the analysts I heard seemingly failed to mention that the Penguins own Rinne historically. He literally had one win against them in his entire career in like eight games. They’re in his head! Be interesting to see what happens in Nashville tonight. Go Pens!. . .

  5. Of course we won the Stanley Cup on the road in six gamez. We’re the Penguins. It’z just what we do. Jan, get ready to raise another championship banner at Sportsmen’z Camp this summer!. . .

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