Springtime its not just…

In January yaknow!

But the calendar informs me that springtime arrived on the 20th. But the actual springtime just arrived for me this week. I heard the spring peepers last night! What a joyous sound to gladden the heart! But the other harbingers that I have observed are important too. On the way to work I saw a flock of Common Golden Eyes on Swan Lake resting before they pushed north the next day. (probably just a stop off before they worked their way to Firth Lake) Yesterday evening with the slight drizzle the yard smelled of night crawlers and as the sun was about to rise today (I was up letting Bart out!) I heard the unmistakable song of the white throated sparrow, AKA the Canada bird. It brought a tear to my eye, the warbling reminder that in just a short time we’d be back in the welcoming bosom of the great boreal north. Another thing that I noticed wasn’t spring related — I was going to the drive through ATM at the bank and I noticed that the gravel covering the parking lot islands and surrounding the shrubs was precisely the same as the gravel on the driveway in front of the lodge at camp! In this land of gray limestone and buff sandstone it was stunningly beautiful. There were no cars behind me so I stopped and rolled down the window and enjoyed the sight of a little bit of “home” here in Pennsylvania. Here’s another pretty quirky thing that put me mentally in a boat on Kapiskong Lake up the grassy catching tens of beautiful pike. This is what triggered that …. in the morning I was cleaning out my nose with a napkin. I removed the voluminous remnants of the night’s dried boogers and took my first good unencumbered breath of the day. Low and behold – the unmistakable sweet smell of pike slime! LOL Don’t cringe – its not as bad as the daily news from the Trump/Putin administration!

These things get me thinking about all the things I need to get done at camp this year. One of the biggies is the construction of a new left dock. I was thinking that I may hit Art Walker up to come to camp for a working week – he has offered. What the HELL! He’s retired yaknow. I would also like to get the trebuchet settled and throwing again too. But there are so many more important matters – such as replacing the water heater in the lodge as well as putting concrete floors in cabin number 9 and a litany of things far too numerous for me to attempt to list here. I would have to refer to my lists back on my table in the lodge. Along with these less fun items on a list another list runs in parallel. The list of lakes to try to visit and fish this year. So many opportunities to revisit old friends and make new ones or just explore. Invariably the list is barely scratched once I am presented with the reality of what needs to get done and the limited amount of my time – but that doesn’t alter the fact that it is so much fun to think about.

So dear reader I invite you to daydream about the coming summer and all the fun things you will be doing at camp this year as well as all the new lakes and places you wish to visit. So much fun to be had!


I still have much on my plate here though with first day of trout season, the weekend at Duda’s Kellettville cabin as well as the tropical fish auctions on the weekends with my friend Ernie, weekly pool nights at Josh’s and getting the yard whipped into shape and……(there it goes again the “to do” list encroaching on the fun list – stop that!)


1 thought on “Springtime its not just…

  1. Looking forward to Kelletville….trout opened last week here and streams are so high and muddy they are virtually unfishable…….see ya in a couple of weeks…unless my honeydo list gets too too long

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