I’m Back

Yes dear reader after a brief hiatus I am back. The hiatus was initially propagated due to my old computer getting so slow that writing a post was like swimming in loon-shit! A reference to the muck in the great boreal swamps. Then the fan died on the computer – so I tore it apart and fixed the fan – some pesky dust bunnies has made a home in the miniature squirrel cage! Imagine that! So the computer was fixed and I only had to blow into the air intake to occasionally start the fan. But the computer was still slow. So Janet got me a new laptop (this one) and I basically avoided using it all summer trying several different virus removers etc. – but nothing worked very well. And the computer was only 6 years old!!!! LOL

Thus I am now on the new puter.

Much has transpired during the hiatus but I will skip most of that to report on my last foray to the great boreal (sane) north. I finally went ice fishing on Lake Nipissing with some great friends. We caught several fish and had a great time in the ice condo and fishing on the ice.  We were warm and cozy drinking beer and playing cards as the wind howled at -3 degrees and about 60kph! The snow was swirling and drifting around the ice condo to about a depth of two and a half feet! During the day the snow was so kicked up that you couldn’t discern any difference from sky-horizon-lake-or snow that you’re standing on! If you turned away from the ice condo you existed on a perfect sphere of whiteness! It was a very cool effect – unnerving yet still exhilarating. The sun then set with great color through the ice crystals and night fell. The wind died and the suspended divided ice particles from the previously howling wind fell to the ground reflecting the lights from the metropolis of North Bay. A fabulous effect which was nearly impossible to photograph with its full luminous nuances. Fabulous!

As I said we caught several fish and almost none that were of a keeping size. But we caught a good range of species pickerel (walleye), yellow perch, freshwater burbot or lingcod and the topper for me was a splendid spotted mud puppy! But all told the weekend was a resounding success! I’ll present some pictures for your perusal.


I forgot to mention that we took in an Ice Sculpture Exhibition at Bridge North. It featured polar bear riding for the kids!


There was also beaver petting! What a great idea! Jeesh these Canadians have such great ideas!


Here I am checking to see if an ice sculpture is cold as a witch’s teat!


This was a really cool (cold too) back lit wolf! But enough buffoonery on to the pics of the ice fishing.


Treking about 2 miles out onto the lake to the ice condo – note the island on the right! Cool stuff!


Here’s our humble little ice hut LOL. Note the gas grill and beer cooler right next to the door below the picture window.


A gorgeous sunset on a frozen lake Nipissing!


Wow even Spiderman ice fishes!!!


Here we are warm and cozy in our condo drinking and fishing through the floor!


Here’s a fine little pickerel caught on my trusty Iron Man fishing rod! I couldn’ find a Spiderman one!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Here’s one of my favorite pictures – Bill took it without a flash through the picture window of the remainder of our crew having a beer before playing cards. Bill was out in the howling cold wind.

So there was a little taste of the weekend – a delightful weekend.




4 thoughts on “I’m Back

    • Yes Jim that is a good way of describing my style LOL. My Moygashel Irish linen hat that Janet got for me 40 years ago, my bullit proof camel cloth coat tailor made for Dr. P. W. Shelly of Gettysburg in 1942 and my French soccer team muffler from Gregoire and Benoire. Warm and stylish ! LOL

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